21 Ağustos 2018

Unclassified Material

Large photo viewbook. Date:1900

Turkish gendermerie are shown passing through Constantinople enroute to Thrace. 15.11.1922

A photo from the Bosphorus.

Gravure: Bosphorus from a Graveyard

Aerial photo of Golden Horn.

Turkey at Bay

Panaromic view of Constantinople 109 cm

Panaromic view of Constantinople 3 parts

Weltkrieg Erinnerung an Tschanak-kale

Coins of The Roman Empire

Panaromic postcard of the Bosphorus (Black-white photo)

Constantinople – Postcards album

Various ship photographs

Mosque Suleymanie

Pera Palace Hotel de Constantinople. Action de Cent Francs Au Porteur

A warrant

Manuscript with Arabic letters.

Gravures from L’univers Illustree.

Old Maps

The Illustrated London News. 27.11.1880

The Independent. 23.02.1914

Alt-Konstantinopel. İn rund 150 photos mit Text von Dr. E. Diez-Wien

Constantinople – Marion Crawford

Grand Turc – Wilforn T.F. Castle

Francais-Turc Dictionary

Things seen in Constantinople

Constantinople College Quarterly

The Alumnae Magazine

A telegraph

Hagia Sofia

Map of Turkey

Old Map of Constantinople

Marchand ambulant a Constantinople

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